A Date with Lord Stanley Begins

The stage for the NHL 2017 Stanley Cup Final starts tonight where the Nashville Predators face off against the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins.

Game 1 is held at the Ppg Paints Arena in Pittsburgh and the puck drop is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. EST. Continue reading


Yu-Gi-Oh Interview: Dale Bellido (The Champ is Back!)

One person of a famous brotherly duo is back and in a big way! Dale Bellido is back on the scene and is sponsored with Pro-Play Games. He made an immediate impact at Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series Pittsburgh in his comeback event placing top 32 finishing 31st after swiss.

Dale Bellido

This was Bellido’s first event as part of Team PPG.

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Changing Burgers for the Better!

Almost everyone loves a good burger but what if there was a burger that changed the way you think about them? A burger with unorthodox toppings, fresh ingredients and flavour that tickle your tastebuds like you’ve ever imagined. Say no more as it’s time to join the revolution, Burger Revolution! 


What do we want? Flavourful burgers! When do we want it? Now!

I enjoy the feeling of eating at a place that’s been featured in a national tv show like “You Gotta Eat Here!” and this place in Belleville, Ont. has gotten a feature from them!

Burger Revolution has one simple goal, to make the most delicious and freshest locally-sourced burger and share it with the world. If you ask me, they do a pretty gosh-darn good job of doing it!

The meat for the burgers is freshly ground everyday and everything is made in-house. From their barbecue sauce to the peanut better. Yes, you read that right, PEANUT BUTTER ON A BURGER!

The buns come in brioche, pretzel or lettuce wrap. The sliders were just given to me as brioche but I’m a man who loves his pretzel buns. They have a sweetness that flows really well with meat. Brioche is more of a neutral bun that’s a slight sweet, however it lets the ingredients with it do the talking.


Peanut butter, pineapple, fried eggs and potato chips are just some of the wacky toppings they have.

I opted to go for their Tuesday special of two sliders so I could try out two different burgers. I chose the Cheve Guevara and Solidarity despite that I don’t like tomatoes or coleslaw. I did have faith that I would like it in this case.


They smoke that cheddar in-house. It bursts with flavour!

The Solidarity is definitely a winner. The cheddar adds sharpness while the coleslaw gives it a crisp and light feeling. The pulled pork is tender and combined with the barbecue sauce gives it a rich sweetness. I’d easily want to have this on a hot summer day pounding back a cold one!

The Cheve Guevara gives you a splendid and refreshing flavour. One bite and you can feel the goat cheese explode in your mouth. The red peppers provide a sweetness and aroma that doesn’t get overpowered by the goat cheese. It pairs so well with the tomato jam which really drew out the flavours of everything in that burger. As for the bacon, it’s really hard to go wrong with bacon on a burger. It added a light saltiness to really accentuate the meat of the burger.

That poutine (a combination of fries, gravy and cheese curd) was just as delicious as the burgers! It’s very colourful and visually appealing. It’s vibrant and you just want to dig in immediately! They didn’t skimp on the gravy either, every single bite I had was swimming in it because let’s face it, what’s a poutine without gravy?

I have seen the light and I now am joining the revolution. I will fight for flavourful burgers and fresh ingredients! Viva la revolución!


I think the burgers are prettier than the person in this picture eating them.