Trading card games bring in Belleville community

A pawn shop has been hosting trading card game tournaments and has become an outlet for locals to gather and play. 

P-Market Games is a local game and pawn shop in Belleville, Ont. They hold weekly tournaments for several trading card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering. Players trade, buy and collect cards from shops or other players to build decks so they can compete against one another.

P-Market Front

P-Market Games is located on 127 North Front St. in Belleville, Ontario. 

Several players who gather to these tournaments really enjoy the welcoming and helpful atmosphere that is given off. Justin Ripley, 21, moved to Belleville a few years ago from Saint-Jean-sur-Richlieu, Que., and he says he appreciates the help that everyone gave him and his friend.

“What I like about the Belleville community, the Belleville Yu-Gi-Oh community, is how inclusive everyone was.”

Justin Ripley

Justin Ripley is focused on playing his hand as he is new to the game of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Roy Howard, 29, was born and raised in Belleville and has been playing Yu-Gi-Oh for several years. He says he enjoys all the friendships he’s made throughout the years of playing the game.

Howard has been playing the game for over 16 years and he admits that it can be time consuming sometimes. School and work has interfered with Roy’s consistency on being able to play the game weekly.

Roy Howard.jpg

Roy Howard got into Yu-Gi-Oh from other friends who also played in 2001. 

For players like Rori Maracle, 18, from Tyendinaga, Ont., not every experience he had has been entirely friendly or pleasant. As different players cycle in and out of tournaments, the experience changes for every person in particular.

“They’re not really mature in general, they don’t know how to act in public,” says Maracle. “I don’t really get mistreated, I just see them mistreat other kids.”

Rori Maracle.jpg

Rori Maracle has been playing Yu-Gi-Oh on and off for seven years, but is currently not playing a lot right now. 


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